ECIP 1016: ETC Improvement Proposal Management Source

AuthorCody W Burns


The Current ECIP process is chaos. ECIPs are created in random number order without adequate means of tracking changes or monitoring status. During the forming phase of ETC this was somewhat acceptable. Moving forward the process needs to be made clearer to facilitate clearer communication to all participants


All ETC Improvement Proposal should be submitted as pull requests with the format ECIP-n with n being the number after the previous ECIP. This allows for change tracking and historical monitoring.

Every ECIP Should be tagged with a milestone for its current status Draft | Active | Accepted | Deferred | Rejected | Withdrawn | Final | Superseded

Every ECIP Should be tagged with a label for its type and layer: Standards Track | Informational | Process Consensus | Networking | API/RPC | Applications

Every ECIP should follow as closely as practical.