1025 Precompiled Contracts for zkSNARK Verification Wei Tang
1026 Modexp Precompiled Contract Wei Tang
1036 Fallback Complete Difficulty Bomb Diffusion Wei Tang
1040 Generalized Account Versioning Scheme Wei Tang
1042 GASPAY opcode Igor Artamonov
1046 Precompiled contract for verification of Merkle Inclusion Proofs Kostis Karantias, Dionysis Zindros
1049 Change the ETC Proof of Work Algorithm to Keccak256 Alexander Tsankov
1055 Flyclient - Succinct PoW Using Merkle Mountain Ranges Zac Mitton
1060 Cliquey proof-of-authority consensus protocol Aidan Hyman, Talha Cross
1068 Account Versioning Extension for Contract Creation Transaction Wei Tang
1069 Account Versioning Extension for CREATE and CREATE2 Wei Tang
1071 Methods to Merge Ethereum Blockchains Together Wei Tang
1083 Remove Contract Size Limit Zachary Belford, Mudit Gupta
1084 Hard-cap gas-limit in protocol Bob Summerwill
1085 Simple Subroutines for the EVM Greg Colvin
1092 51-percent attack solution PirlGuard by Callisto Dexaran
1094 VeriBlock Proof-of-Proof 51%-Attack Prevention Max Sanchez
1096 51% Attack protection system based on Bitcoin Merged Mining Sergio Lerner
1097 Checkpointing based 51% attack resistance Dimitris Karakostas, Radek Tkaczyk, Romain Pellerin, Brian McKenna
1098 Proto Treasury System Julian Mendiola, Nicolas Tallar, Brian McKenna


1010 Delay Difficulty Bomb Explosion Igor Artamonov
1015 Long-term gas cost changes for IO-heavy operations to mitigate transaction spam attacks Cody W Burns
1017 Monetary Policy and Final Modification to the Ethereum Classic Emission Schedule Matthew Mazur
1039 Monetary policy rounding specification Isaac Ardis
1041 Remove Difficulty Bomb Igor Artamonov
1048 Clique proof-of-authority consensus protocol Péter Szilágyi
1099 Calibrate Epoch Duration Luke Williams


1051 Ethereum Classic Treasury system Dexaran
1057 Cold Staking Dexaran
1070 ProgPoW, a Programmatic Proof-of-Work, for Ethereum Classic Yaz Khoury
1086 SLOAD Gas Patch for the Classic Testnets Talha Cross
1095 Change the ETC Proof of Work Algorithm to Sha-3-256 Stevan Lohja ([email protected])


1018 (Epoch Decay) Monetary Policy and Final Modification to the Ethereum Classic Emission Schedule Mike Boremi
1080 SELFBALANCE opcode Bob Summerwill
1087 ECIP1061/ECIP1078/ECIP1086 on Mordor Testnet (with rollback) meowsbits
1093 If GPU-friendly Ethash is Removed then Change the ETC Proof of Work Algorithm to CPU-friendly RandomX r0n1n