ECIP 1081: Do Not Dox ECIP Editors Source

AuthorBob Summerwill


The ECIP was replaced by ECIP-1090 - ECIP process and was never activated.


Both soc1c and meowbits have made it crystal clear in multiple posts across Github and the ETC Discord server that they do not want their real names to be used in ECIP-1000 anymore, but instead will be using “Talha Cross” and “Mr. Meows D. Bits” respectively as their pseudonyms.

Their contact details remain the same and they are readily contactable.


Donald expressed this very well in a recent Github comment:

“… it is absolutely acceptable to work pseudonymously. It is a long tradition of decades in the cypherpunk philosophy (the source and likely creators or Bitcoin) and Bitcoin, the first implementation of a PoW blockchain, was, in fact, created by a pseudonymous individual or team.

As it is imperative in the crypto industries (both cryptography and blockchain) to let people work in the level of privacy they prefer, it is irrelevant for the ECIP process what names contributors choose to use, therefore it is not appropriate, “important”, nor advisable to mark participants by their levels of privacy.”

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